Scientific Morality?

Can Science provide a better basis for morality than other forms of human knowledge such as religion, psychology or philosophy? A look at the history of moral philosophy shows that by and large every significant contribution to ethics has come primarily from philosophers or theologians. It is not until the late twentieth/early twenty first century that some scientists have proposed that science can be a better basis for ethics, in other words that the answer to the question “how can ...

Goodbye Option D: Evolution

When I first started teaching the Diploma, my Head of Science at the time, enthused about Option D - Evolution unit as THE biology unit that best embodies the philosophy of the IBO (and I believe him to be right),  encapsulating the notion of commonality of all,   sharing the same common ancestors. I continued to teach option D for 18 years, and was therefore disappointed to find that the unit has now been broken up and sections removed. No more Human evolution, ...

The Next Step in the Evolution

Those of us who have been engaged in the on-going evolution of hardware, applications and online services have observed the continuing convergence of various components: mobile computing, cloud computing, social platforms, big data and analytics, and the internet-of-things. We now are advancing towards a new evolution in using computing devices. While most of the terminology is familiar, big data and the internet-of-things are relatively new. Big data refers large datasets and the analytics related to that data. Along with the processes ...

Is evolution responsible for our ailments?

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  Evolution, the theory goes, guarantees survival to the fittest. But can we blame evolution for some of today's most pressing health problems, such as cancer, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease? Link to article 85diEXbJBIk Evolution cont... A 2009 Gallup poll found that 44% of Americans believe that God created human beings in their present form within the past 10,000 years. Many of them also think the human body is perfectly designed. Come to think of it, isn't Evolution just a theory anyway?

An RNA world

Doubts persist to the possibility of RNA being THE hereditary / genetic material that played THE key role in the creation of life on Earth. However work carried out at the University of Colorado may have shed further light on this. The findings could be a substantial step toward understanding "the very origin of Earthly life," the lead researcher contends. More on the work carried out at the University of Colorado Read more on the meaning of an "RNA world"