TED talks / Google Science awards and the COOLing Earth

Biology at the micro level can often feel a conceptual study of processes that have been inferred from abstract data, such as the Kreb's cycle or DNA replication. The following TED video offers a glimpse into the computer generated visualizations of the processes themselves. This video will hopefully provide inspiration as it highlights three young women winning the top prizes at the first Google Science Fair. My third video in the slow month of July is from a favourite website of mine www.labroots.com. I began ...

What’s your BIG question?

Do you have a big science question that you would like to get answered? From the seemingly simple (what would happen if a ballon of helium were released into space?) to the more profound (what will happen to the universe once all the starts have burnt out?) here is your oppurtunity to get involved: LWiuUC9RDhY Clcik here to register: www.google.com/events/sciencefair/