The Halogens and the Sea

There are a few references to lab work in this post – I do need to stress that any labs you carry out need to be under the supervision of one of your teachers (and risk assessed by the teacher) and carried out in school. I have always been fascinated by the link with the number of substances dissolved in the sea. For example, gold ions are dissolved in the sea and it is estimated that there are getting on for ...

Halogen reactions – a summary

Here is a great YouTube video that summarises the reactions of the halogens. As far as I can make out, all of the clips come from but the author of the video has combined a lot of these clips to put them together in one place. Some of the reactions that are shown are off syllabus but I still think it is worth showing to the students as they get a feel for the relative reactivity of the molecules. tk5xwS5bZMA