2016 & 2017 IB Syllabus & Criteria Changes

The recent updated subject guides for the 2016 and 2017 exams pose important changes, some subtle, some significant. It’s critical to know these changes and how they will impact your teaching and students’ learning. In specific blogs, OSC’s expert IB bloggers highlight these changes including new prescribed subjects, topic changes, assessment criteria amends, and changes to the IA. Read on to ensure you are up-to-date. Business Management Subtle Changes, Significant Consequences New Standard Level Assessment History Changes to the World History Topics & Paper 2 New Prescribed ...

2016 Syllabus & Criteria Advice

Students taking final IB exams in May 2016, will be the first on the new syllabi in Science, Visual Arts and Business Management. No-one quite knows how they will be examined, but our expert bloggers have some useful insights. Visual Arts Article One Business Management Article One Article Two Sciences Biology Chemistry Physics

Syllabus and Criteria Changes – what you need to know

IB students who are about to embark on the IB Diploma Programme will be starting new courses for many DP subjects such as History and CAS. As a student, it’s important to know what has changed and how these changes may affect you. Through their blogs, two of OSC’s bloggers, who are both IB teachers, examiners and authors, provide you with what you need to know. Read more in the following subject-specific articles. History (written for teachers but useful for students!) CAS