Practical application of the ideal gas equation

How many moles of air are in your lab? What mass is this air? These are a couple of great questions you can set your students and ask them to come up with some answers using the ideal gas equation. You will need a barometer (to determine the air pressure), a thermometer (to determine the temperature of the lab) and a rule to calculate the volume of the lab and hopefully some imaginative students. I carried out this work with my class a while ...

Ideal gases – teaching resource

The following you tube clip is a pretty good teaching resource. Personally, I have never been a big fan of this type of you tube clip but it is made by students and I would imagine that students around the world would find it useful as it helps visualise different components of the ideal gas equation. I would probably use it as an introduction before spending more time explaining the different parts of the equation in more detail. Enjoy! :mrgreen: NFqiFv6rVbA