A study of fish stocks

Depleted global fish stocks represents a focus for C5: Population ecology. The Gulf of Maine is warming 99% faster than the worlds oceans and is a major contributing factor in the declining cod stocks within that region. Cod is a species adapted to cold water and the increased temperatures  brought about by climate oscillations in the Atlantic and the Pacific have led to an significant decline in the number of fry produced by spawning female cod and fewer are surviving to ...

Something Fishy

Here are some useful resources to help students understand the need for, and importance of, conserving fish stocks. s3u2ZxKhPoA This a humorous though sad animation on the plight of Chilean Sea Bass. Here is a an exercise on determining the age of a fish used as a strategy to determine the size of commercial fish stocks. This link from National Geographic looks initially at the depressing demise in bluefin tuna.