Encoding and Decoding

Anyone connected to ICT and education is familiar with the word "code" - and recently "Teach the kids to code" is all the rage. It usually implies that we should teach kids the fundamentals of computer programming. (In this post I'm going to use the word "kids" as a code word for "learner of any age".) But if you think about it, we also teach kids to code, as in reading and writing, all their lives, all the time.  Let's explore this ...

The ‘Lizzie Bennet diaries’

Been reading Jane Austen? Pride and Prejudice? Want to think about an update? Try this: it's become pretty popular. http://www.pemberleydigital.com/the-lizzie-bennet-diaries/ The provocative question, of course, is how does this affect your reading of the original? Does it enhance it? Does it spoil it?  What happens to a text that undergoes such a transformation?  Is it like or unlike what happens when a film is made of a text like this? And maybe the biggest question of all might be: does your IB course ...

Yes to the value of books, #2

I don't like to keep beating the same horse (though I never beat animals at all) but here's another nail in the coffin of the idea of the death of books.  Sorry for the awful cliches.  We are all negotiating the conventional and digital worlds; it's good for us to know what seems to be happening, so here's another link to a Washington Post article on e-books and conventional forms: http://wapo.st/1LslXN8  

A rich and edgy resource for Part 4 Options: the sandbox

Possibly something you have already encountered, but http://www.react-hub.org.uk/books-and-print-sandbox/commissions/2013 has some wonderful resources that blur the edges of what books and reading have always been and provide some great ideas for getting students engaged with creative projects.  In particular Option 1 in Part 4 of the Literature course can certainly be interpreted to accommodate ideas like these. We all need to be thinking outside the box as much as the IB programs permit, lest our students leave us in the dust...or sand.