sites & seeds

Plant a 'seed' of a CAS website on your school's web page. Nurture it with visuals, and keep it alive - updated - regularly. Water it with challenges and reflections. Fertilize it with good ideas. Cultivate the audience that reads it, contributes to it, and spreads the seed even further. Watch it grow. "In a sense, the seed is a gateway through which a future possibility of the living tree emerges." Dr. Peter Senge.  

“Spread the seed”

Challenge your CAS kids to get a focus on Earth Day, April 22. Task : Get everyone in your learning community to start thinking in terms of water consumption. Invite the CAS group to spread a 'seed'. Ask them to invite your whole learning community - students, teachers and parents - to track their water consumption using technology that the students are already are engaged in. Set this challenge for CAS students of senior and junior grades (Grade 12 & 11), to push ...